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Energy Work Works — But How?

So last week, I described my journey with the Expansion Principle and partially how hard it is to describe. Mainly, when it comes anything, people want to know the impacts and benefits, not necessarily the mechanics. So the mysteries I’ll try to uncover here will be more from a big picture perspective, not how EP or Reiki or whatever energetic modality works on a granular level

Sign Up for One Thing…

For example, remember I said that when I started this EP certification process, from the first attunement to wrapping up my case studies I lost clients the next day. 

That was not what I signed up for!

I just signed up to learn something that I may or may not share with people. A lot of EP practitioners use it on themselves and their own lives and don’t offer healing sessions. And that’s totally OK!

I basically signed up for Reiki in the same fashion. I had used it on friends a few times, but I didn’t feel like it was something I need to have as an offering. It’s another tool in my spiritual toolkit. 

Get Something Else

So was losing two clients a bad thing? In the short-term, even now, it wasn’t great for my self-esteem or my bank account. 

Why don’t people value my labor, let alone me as a person?

There are a lot of practical answers to that question that typically can be answered by systemic racism and sexism. 

But it does seem pretty dramatic to have energy enter my life and clients let me go. I never thought EP was a villain here.

EP is more like a rescuer that I didn’t know I needed. As I had mentioned, those clients were not aligned. And EP is ushering a new era in my life that I’m not even sure I was ready for. But I’m getting ready either way.

What I thought I was getting was another tool for my toolkit. What I’m actually getting is massive life change.

Another Example

We all know the benefits of walking — any consistent body movement will make you feel better physically and emotionally. But there are even more benefits to walking, including reducing cravings for sweets, reduction of the risk of developing breast cancer, and boosting your immune system.

But let’s say you started walking to just be a little more fit. Cool. But you may end up finding new friends, discovering new parts of your neighborhood, or solving a long-standing problem because your mind is now clear to think differently.

You didn’t necessarily sign up for that life change, but you got it anyway!

Energy Work’s Diffuse Effects

So back to EP. I can hold intentions for, say, improved health, but EP can expand (it’s in the name) to other parts of my life that could support that. It could bring in people to help me with my health.

But it’s also like the walking example, where there are cascading effects of focusing on my health. It may look like I lose long-term friends that I adore but may not be lining up with my intention. It could look like moving to a more walkable neighborhood because my home is sold to another company.

It’s similar to me wanting to move to Seattle when I lived in Florida. The mechanics of how that happened were far quicker than I anticipated. It came from something really tough — a lease cancellation. But I had been doing energy work and other types of esoteric work for a while. 

People Are Involved

That brings me to something I believe people in the West have a hard time thinking about, how interconnected we are. If you’re doing any sort of manifestation, it’s not going to be a linear process. We are all affecting each other, for better and for worse. we’re all striving to achieve our goals and some of them are not aligned.

So back to the lease cancelation…I had a goal of leaving Florida and the new owners of my place had a goal of basically making money. Because I was a squeaky wheel in terms of having boundaries, I affected their plans more than they affected my long-term plan…until they canceled the lease in retaliation (they won’t admit that it was a retaliatory act, but it was).

But that cancelation gave me a short window to leave Florida altogether, which I have no regrets about, seeing how things have been going terribly (solidarity to all marginalized Florida residents!). 

This is all to say, energy work is a lot messier, especially in a Western context, that we may expect. Healing and manifestation is not just dialing up spiritual DoorDash and getting a delivery.

Faith, Patience, and Courage

Because our human existence is incredibly complex and complicated, even when we use these tools and modalities, you will most likely have some unexpected experiences, even good ones! 

We can’t see how everything is connected. We can only see our little part. To get a steady stream of stellar clients or to improve your health or to find the love of your life — all of those intentions, requests, desires involve other people and proper alignment. Energy work helps with that alignment. But it will also require a lot of faith, that things will work, and patience — actively waiting for those desires to be realized.

In the meantime, as we patiently wait, there’s a lot of stuff going on in the background of our lives, and in the lives of others, to align ourselves to what we want. And it can be quite scary. As I write this, I’m waiting for next steps and for desires to come to fruition. And I can’t see the whole map. It takes courage to take that next unknown step.

But that’s what’s cool about energy work. It helps with those next shaky steps. For me, EP is incredibly grounding and provides inner stability, no matter what is going on circumstantially. 

I didn’t sign up for that either. But it’s something I’ve been desperately wanting my whole life.

Energetic Intelligence

I love energy work because it’s smart. I may ask for one thing but it may open doors I didn’t know even existed. It also understand that I may need some other things to happen first before I can see my desired result. 

It’s intelligent and thorough. 

When you change one thing in your life, it rarely happens in a silo. It will affect other parts of your life. My losing clients was preparation not only for better clients, but a better way to support clients and have them support me. EP brought new alignment in my whole life. I feel like I’m unhooking from a matrix that did not ever support me. I was just doing the best I could with what I had. 

So don’t be afraid of things shifting when you start or further this journey. The unexpected shifts and consequences are an essential part of your journey.

You’re probably on the right track more than you know, especially when people, circumstances, and situations get zapped out of your life.

Be strong, be patient, be courageous, and have faith — the magic of energy is afoot.


Having the Expansion Principle in my life as an energetic technology is why I have been able to get through tough times. If you’d like to learn more about it and have a distance EP session with me, here’s where you can learn more.