Is the Expansion Principle Ineffable?

I’ve been sharing on Twitter about the Expansion Principle (EP), about what it is and what others have said about it. It’s still somewhat hard to explain since it’s new and it’s so different from anything else I’ve experienced. 

So I thought, why not write about it in a longer form? Hopefully you can get a better sense of what EP is about, how I’ve used it, and what I hope for the future.

The ineffability of EP is probably due to that it’s not from here; and this is where I, as an earthling, get a little annoyed when I talk about anything esoteric or anything planetary. Many people who deal with energy or Spirit or woo woo shit or the esoteric tend to sound like they’re aliens from another galaxy, hovering above in their spaceships, trying to talk in human language and failing. As a writer, I find it very perturbing.

And yet: EP is from some multidimensional being that is not from our galaxy.


The point of EP is to help earthlings get through this things called Life. It’s a shitshow down here. It is not about transporting to some ancient civilization or a distant star system.

It is not about spiritual, celestial escape, as much as it’d be great to find some new, more humane civilization than ours.

But this is the one we have and we need to heal it, right quick, right now.

EP is for us earth people. 

How I Heard About EP

I met Alexis, the person who co-created EP and a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, in a small biz 12-month mastermind we were both in. I always found her work intriguing and she’s a delightful, kind person. We both used to live in Florida and now we both live in the Pacific Northwest. She moved here first, and then I followed. 

Long story short, it always seemed like we would work together, but then the timing was off.

And then last year, she opened her Expansion Principle training and the timing was right.

EP Practitioner Training

EP Practitioner training is six months long and we started late September 2022.

As I said on my EP healing sessions page, when I received my first attunement, one of my content clients let me go the following day. It was aligned. I know they weren’t the right fit, but it was still a bit of a blow.

I really liked the founder, one of the first people I spoke to in Seattle. So, though that bond, I thought this would be a long-term engagement. But startup life is all about the type of chaos that my double Capricorn self can’t hold space for. So they were zapped out of my life. 

And the same thing happened when I finished my certification 6 months later. The next day, after I was done with my case studies, another content client let me go. And again, I knew they weren’t in alignment with my life. So another unceremonious zap!

Some Details…

I’m not going to go in massive details, but my training involved an extensive online curriculum, Zoom calls with Alexis and my fellow students for practice and attunements, and an online place to chat.

During my training period, I would practice EP transmissions on my friends, sending weekly transmissions for months. I love how it doesn’t really involve my brain. It feels like a very creative process. Sometimes I’d be overcome with emotion. Most of the time, I experience immersive imagery and scenes. It was like art school but for energy work. I enjoyed learning how to play with it. It’s like energetic silly putty to me. Or if you remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding, how the characters would use Windex on everything, I use EP on everything.

When I did my case studies is how my practice evolved. I went from intuiting what my friends needed to asking them what they wanted to focus on and had them fill a questionnaire every time. You will do the same as a client of mine. 

Like Reiki But Not as Spacey

Note: These are about my preferences and opinions about Reiki. I think it is an effective healing modality. But this section’s goal is to compare EP to something you may already know.

I’m a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, and Reiki is wonderful. I’ve given but mostly received Reiki healing, especially last year when I was dealing with a lingering knee injury. But each session took at least 20 minutes. Last year’s distance sessions took an hour. I chose that time length and it was well worth it.

So what do I mean when I say “like Reiki, but not as spacey”? When I would receive Reiki in person, sometimes I felt like I was coming out of a daze and needed to ground and eat some food. One cool thing I did like about in-person was feeling someone’s hands on my feet long after they had gone. 

With EP, I’m not spending nearly as long on myself or with my clients. I believe because it’s not from Earth, it just operates differently.  Being a double Capricorn, I can be very patient, but I also believe that time is a precious resource.

Why I Prefer EP

I am so grateful for what Reiki has done for me. But I don’t have to lay down when I give myself EP transmission nor do my clients have to lie down to receive the energy via distance healing. They don’t have to set aside 20 to 60 minutes in their day to receive the transmission. They can go about their day. And, they most likely don’t know when I’m sending the energy. If I was in person or on a call, the scenario would be longer, but I believe there would be no spaciness or need to ground afterward.

After an EP session, they may feel things later, but usually, what I hear is that they feel refreshed and grounded, vs. feeling the “Reiki flu” — i.e., sometimes when you’re receiving Reiki energy, you may feel tired or run down the next day as your body flushes junk out. And this is why my Reiki master told me to always hydrate. I tell my clients the same, too.

What I’ve Used EP On In My Life

Here’s a short but candid list of things I’ve been using EP in my own life.

  • Business communications
  • Marketing materials
  • Aches, pains, and physical ailments
  • Future relationships
  • Emotional wounds
  • Whatever is bothering me

That last one…again, as a double Capricorn…I don’t really like asking for help. 🙈

So having EP in my life as an internal support system reminds me that there is always help available, to me. As someone who has been recovering from narcissistic abuse, this is huge for me. It’s also like being The Magician in Tarot.

I have everything I need. It’s not even about what I have on the table. It’s what’s inside.

So using EP on whatever is bothering me is a practice not only of self-care but also a practice of breaking out of learned helplessness and for asking for help. EP is a part of me but it’s also not from here.

Some multidimensional being believed we needed help and wanted us to help each other.

It’s intergalactic grace — grace that has to be shared.

EP is not a magic wand most of the time, because we are terrestrial beings with brains that have to get on board. But what I’ve found is that as it is meeting you were you are at, you go live your life, and then eventually, you’ll look back and see that the thing you were struggling with has healed, has vanished, has integrated. 

And, as the name connotes, your life will become expansive, in all the best ways.

One Part of the Solution

And, of course — this isn’t the only energetic modality out there, beyond Reiki and EP. There are 8 billion earthlings here and we need a lot of tools and techniques to really help in our healing and evolution as a species. 

That evolution is to get out of this late-stage capitalism hell that puts us in subservience to the greedy few.

The way we live right now is completely unsustainable. We’re being ravaged by climate emergencies, poverty, homelessness, COVID, other preventable diseases, and a deep lack of empathy.

I strongly believe that if you’re spiritual and not on a path of equity and justice, your spiritual journey needs a big course correction.

If you’re not making the world a better place, then why are you here?

Ultimately, I want to help a lot of people, because a lot of people need help. I have some plans to make the benefits of EP even more accessible. So stay tuned!

Clear as Mud? I Hope Not!

It’s really hard to talk about some invisible not too new but not that old energetic technology. I just know it works and that I’m a different person. I’m less anxious about the future. I’m more resolved and healed about the past. And, I’m more alive in the present.

But it doesn’t feel like rainbows and butterflies because rainbows and butterflies are not sustainable feelings

Living on a mountaintop spiritually is hard. It’s isolating. The air is thinner. And, it’s not how we live our everyday lives.

It’s not us stuck in traffic or in the nth argument with your spouse or getting chewed out by your boss or wondering how you’re going to pay your bills this month.

Your spiritual journey should help you with that stuff, more than anything else. The everyday earthling stuff.

It’s not just about your character, either. Having a good character is essential of course. But how many of us feel like if we grow any more in character, we’ll grow right out of our homes?🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾

You should feel all sorts of support: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. And you should be doing that with as much grace and ease as possible, even when, and especially when, the powers that be try to strip you of your humanity.

So that’s my EP journey. And I look forward to helping you to start yours.

I can honestly say that having the Expansion Principle in my life as an energetic technology is why I have been able to get through tough times. If you’d like to learn more about it and have a distance EP session with me, here’s where you can learn more.