A Journey Into the Esoteric


I have a Capricorn sun, Cancer moon, and Capricorn ascendant, thus the name sun opposite moon (also known as a full moon), since that is a major aspect in my natal chart. Full moons are illuminating, and that’s the type of clarity I want to give my clients.

So how did I get into all this woo woo esoteric stuff? Well, I’ve lived a really interesting life. I grew up as an evangelical/Charismatic Christian (intense worship services involving speaking in tongues, “slain in the Spirit”, dancing in the aisles, elaborate banners) with two African immigrant medical professionals as my parents. I started adulthood wanting to become a child psychiatrist (which my parents weren’t too jazzed about). But then, after trying so many times to get through pre-med classes, I realized that I really wanted to write — a childhood dream.

So while I was in graduate school, pursuing this dream, something curious was happening. I started seeing angel numbers over and over, on clocks and license plates — you know, 1111, 222, 333, 444, etc. So during and after grad school, I had some strange twin flame stuff happen (long story shot, it wasn’t fun), along with a therapist who told me about a metaphysical shop in town. So I went to the shop and got an angel reading, and then down the rabbit hole of the esoteric I went. I had been exposed to astrology before grad school, but it seemed like grad school was the spark.

Fast forward to now, I’m a content strategist and copywriter for mission-driven organizations. I’m also a self-taught astrologer, a tarot reader, a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, and an Expansive Principle Level 1 practitioner.

What I love about divination and energy healing are the one-on-one interactions, like I had with my clients as a social worker or interviewing people for articles. I also love making complex ideas more accessible. Even though I’ve been spiritual my whole life, I don’t like sounding like I’m from another planet. I hate useless jargon and words that hide meanings or truth.