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My reading from Deborah was detailed, personal, and delivered with patience and kindness. It felt like talking to a good friend about what’s going on in my life. She walked me through each aspect of the cards, and I came away feeling totally fulfilled!


Laura Fletcher

It was amazing how much resonated so deeply as I absorbed it. It’s something that I’ve gone back to more than once, and it’s like something new clicks each time I read it.

There are two things I always want when I work with someone: Kindness in delivery and the truth. Deb is a natural in both regards. Don’t hesitate to chat with her!


I found out right before these sessions started that my job is dissolving my department in May/June. I was quite devastated and it took a toll on my body. By the end of the EP sessions, my anxiety and pain were gone and I now have a job (aligned with what I wanted to do) waiting for me after this one ends.


It’s good. It works.

[These EP sessions] gave me peace of mind that whatever is going on isn’t me. Like, there is nothing wrong with me. And things can just be in a funk, but not be because of something I did. It relieved a lot of pressure that way.


Opened my eyes

There are aspects of myself that have been unearthed and it’s allowed me to finally address and heal parts of myself that I previously couldn’t. It finally feels like I’ve broken through the concrete wall that was holding me back.


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